Saturday, June 28, 2008

2 Things Photo Challenge - Round/Square

This week's challenge at 2things-"Round/Square"

Since I'm a collecter of old cameras and projectors
among many other know we artists are
collectors, right?! I'll begin by presenting some
that I've owned or currently own to show
off their lovely round/square attributes.

very old oil lamp projector

Agfa Isolette 120

4 x 5 Viotlander

Yashica -A

Kodak Anastigmat Compur folding camera

Let the games begin...

old dice, new dice, fun dice, letter dice, tiddly winks
and dominoes.

Photo taken this morning in full sun. I wanted
to cast some rounding shadows and look it made cubes
out of the dominoes.

and lastly a round/square digital collage using some
aquarium and landscape images.

I do hope your day will be solidly square and rounded off with
many good things. As always, thank you for your visits
and kind words.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Parallel/Perpendicular-2Things Challenge

Sock Monkey crawled quitely out of his tent, trying
desperately not to disturb his neighbors and travelled hither
and yon to meet this week's challenge over at 2Things-

Friday on his way into town for some bananas he discovered
these parallel mailboxes with perpendicular notices and
perpendicular shadows, it was perfect.

On his way back home on this HOT Friday night, he decided
to do Cruisin' Grand in Escondido, and check out some
COOL vintage vehicles. He began to notice that lots of things
were parallel and perpendicular. It appeared that perhaps it
was going to be a particularly perfect and practical, parallel
perpendicular kind of day!

Do you notice all the parallel and perpendicular here?

How 'bout the fins on this 1960 Eldorado for parallel...
He liked that the paint was so shiny it captured image of the

...and this 50's Chevy parallel parked, just look around the
perpendicular tree trunk. for real manly-monkey types- this small block Chevy
has parallel stacks and a few other parallel nuances.

...and how 'bout that little Deuce Coupe '32 with it's
perpendicular decal and parallel trunk lines.

...exhausted Sock Monkey came to this chair and was going
to rest his tired monkey peds when he noticed, the parallel
open lines in the chair and as he began to look around he
found all sorts of parallel and perpendicular.

Well this particularly perfect and practical, parallel
perpendicular day was nearing an end. He was pooped...
and it was HOT so...

He decide to go home, take the weight off, relax and keep

Maybe even shoot a few hoops!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting! I hope all is well
in your neck of the woods.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008


For this week's challenge at 2Things Fireplug/Flagpole
I take you to Cape Cod, MA.

I found a bit of humor in this one because I realized that
I had some affinity for these objects. I didn't have just one
but several images of poles and plugs.

Commercial St. - Provincetown, MA

Shankpainter St. Provincetown, MA
A bit worn, but not as short and stubby. I liked how the
Alyssum hugged the base.

Commercial St. -Provincetown, MA
This was Provincetown's first firehouse. Notice the traditional
1/2 cape architecture. Only ghosts live here alongside
that sparkly red and white hydrant.

Firehouse #5 Commercial St.- Provincetown
This firehouse is still in business. I took this pic because the
street has my father's name and coincidently the street
diagonal was Mary St. which is my mother's name.

Hyannisport, MA
JFK Memorial Park

Hyannisport, MA Cape and Islands Korean War Memorial

St. Andrew's by the Sea- church of the Kennedy's
Hyannisport, MA
I don't believe I have ever seen a flagpole on top of a church.

Edgartown, MA
Quaint, quiet Victorian streets adorned
with flagpoles at every residence.

Edgartown, MA boat harbor for Chappaquiddick Ferry

"Fancy a flagpole, a fireplug or two, have a cheery day
my friends and I thank-you.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008


This week's challenge over at 2Things is Symmetrical/Abstract.

Abstract "Sitting by the Window" 11 x 17 acrylic on manila folder

I usually bring a small bag of goodies (fluid acrylics, glaze,
collage material)to work each day so that I can feed my
creative muse on my lunch break. One day I found myself
without my journal or any strong substrate to paint on so
I reached for some manila folders. I really like how the paint
and glaze reacted with this paper.

I don't usually paint abstracts but when I do, the enjoyment
comes from gazing at the image, spinning it around, and
seeing if something emerges. I'm seeing a seated female figure
in the right hand corner, poised, gazing out a bedroom window?

Abstract "Waterfall" 11 x 17
acrylic on manila folder

A waterfall spray, over a cliff beyond a brown rugged boulder
submerged in a pool of turquoise/green water... or a man
with a hat, fishing from several poles while seated upon this
boulder in a lake. Can you see what I see? or am I just crazy.
I'm okay with crazy by the way.

My intention now is to use these backgrounds for another
project in the works. More on that to come.

Symmetrical "Sunrise, Sunset"
8.5 x 11 heavy cardstock, stencil, mask, spray paint

During my stencil burning frenzy, I used one of my
Stampscapes rubber stamps, enlarged the image and
then burned a stencil into mylar, which in turn presented me
with a mask (positive image). I took both mask and stencil
outside and then proceeded to spray test the several colors
of Montana Gold I had recently purchased.

Something to think about:
"Many would rather be ruined by praise, than saved by criticism."

May your days be filled with mystery and wonderful surprises!
Thank you always for your visits and kind words.
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