Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

12x12 white doodle on black construction paper
w/ digital manipulation

I've laid my hand on the coming year and I'm officially
ready to take on whatever comes my way.

I am looking forward to our new elected administration
with hope that our country can begin to heal itself.
We must be mindful however, as Gandhi once stated,
"We must be the change, we wish to see in the world."

We can do this, one person, one act of kindness, one day
at a time.

Let's strive to make a difference in the New Year!

All of you my dear friends, have made a difference
in my life this past year. I am grateful and blessed.

Happy New Year!! - Andrea

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beaded Collage Pendant

It has been awhile, but trust that I've not been sitting
on my hands. In addition to my treasure trove of
interests, I am also a beader. Beading takes time and
patience, which I find myself short of these days.

I enjoy working with beads and just in case the thought
crossed your mind, I am by no means an expert. There
are many professional artist beaders out there.

I'm a bead dabbler.

Now for a longest time I have wanted to learn how to do a
Peyote stitch. I have tried tirelessly to teach myself
through magazines like "Bead and Button" and online
tutorials only to find my fingers tied up in knots and no
where near closer to executing this stitch. It took
some hands on training and a wonderful patient
instructor. I found Melanie teaching a class at one of
our local bead stores The Bead Gallery. Check out her
beautiful work here at "The Magpie".

This two-sided pendant is made up of (2) 1" X 3" microscope
slides, size 11 /15 japanese delica beads, collage fodder,
and LOTS of patience.

The piece is done in an Odd Count Peyote stitch. The
length of each side is beaded for a total of 4 sides, then
all pieces are stitched together around the glass.
The bail was added once the entire glass pendant was

I must admit there were moments that I thought
ingesting Peyote would be easier than stitching Peyote
but I managed to keep my resolve through the bitter
learning curve.

I'd still like to add few baubles to the bottom of the piece
otherwise I am very happy with the results.

Once I learned the stitch I decided to try a pattern I had
seen in Feb. '07 Bead and Button. It is a pattern of
the face of the Mona Lisa.

Here is my start. This pattern is done in Even Count
Peyote and size 11 japanese delicas. I've started this
piece over several times as I've had to learn how to keep
the tension consistent.

Next on my agenda... to encase (2) of these lovely glass
buttons back to back using the same Peyote stitch to
create a two-sided button pendant. Wish me luck!

Thought for today:
"It's up to each of us to get very still
and say,
'This is who I am.' No one else defines your life.

Only you do."

With much gratitude, I thank you for stopping by,
your friendship and kind words. PEACE.

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