Saturday, August 29, 2009

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls- Benson Bridge built
by Italian stone masons in 1914 under the
guidance of Simon Benson

located just 20 miles east of Portland,
Oregon along the Scenic Columbia River Gorge.

It is the second tallest waterfall in the U. S.
The waterfall cascades an incredible 626 ft.

This was just one of the many beautiful
stops along the way on our vacation last year.
North by Northwest.

This year we are heading east to N.Y., and D.C., southeast
to Cape Hatteras and the Carolinas, winding our way back
west to Nashville, Tennesee.

I was just reminiscing, excitedly thinking about all
the wonderful old and new places we'll explore.

Looking forward to visiting the Great Smoky
Mountain National Park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
and photographing the many beautiful waterfalls in
this area.

We'll return home late September and
I'll have many wonderful photos to share until then...

May you find peace in every step.

Cheers!~ Andrea "ThE ArTfuL EyE"