Saturday, May 24, 2008

In the Sky/On the Ground

This week's challenge over at 2things :
In the Sky/On the Ground

In the sky ... this cloud image was taken from our airplane
just minutes before our descent into Logan Airport in Boston, MA.

In the sky... test missile launch from Vandenburg AFB taken
from our front yard in Santa Maria, CA. This was what the
contrail looked like in the night sky.

In the sky at dusk from our side yard in Santa Maria, CA.
For logistic inquiries - Santa Maria is located just 40 min.
north of Santa Barbara, 15 min south of Pismo Beach.

On the ground... King St. downtown Boston, MA marked the
actual spot where tension grew between the American
colonists and the British on March 5th, 1770, resulting in the
Boston Massacre.

On the ground... at Jalama Beach in Lompoc, CA
We found these unusual tide pools with all sorts of colorful mollusks.

On the ground...Jalama Beach, CA my dear husband
surprised me with this message of love. Can you spot our
mysteriously tall shadows looking back and admiring his

Open space behind my mother's house in Broomfield, CO
I thought it would be fitting to end with a mirror image of sky in the ground.

I really enjoy looking for images to post for these challenges
as it gives me a chance to revisit all the wonderful places,
I have enjoyed living and visiting.

Glad you stopped by and thank you.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008


This week's 2thingsphotochallenge "Noisy/Peaceful"

Pics from a road trip on Hwy 5 and Hwy 101.

Peaceful, serene wildflower fields- Gorman, CA

Peaceful- California Poppies and Wild Daisies - Gorman, CA

Noisy -in contrast a close-up of these wild lupine and daisies.

Peaceful- a valley of lupine, mustard, california poppies

Peaceful - taken on the Cuesta Grade in San Luis Obispo, CA

Noisy -(visually) a close-up through some hibernating vines
along side the road.

Hope your day is Peaceful!

Thank you for your visits and kind words.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom, we love you.

My feeble attempt at a digital collage.

...and a warm wish for a "Happy Mother's Day" to all my dear friends, near and far.

I was ecstatic when this flower bloomed on Mother's Day. I don't know the name of this plant and its flower is so amazing and fragrant. My dear mother-in-law Ada, gave me this plant years ago and I waited patiently for it to flower.

She passed away this past Thanksgiving and today it bloomed. A small, special miracle. I know she's watching over us.

"Whatever beauty or poetry is to be found in my little book is owing to your interest in and encouragement of all my efforts from the first to the last; and if ever I do anything to be proud of, my greatest happiness will be that I can thank you for that, as I may do for all the good there is in me; and I shall be content to write if it gives you pleasure."
Louisa May Alcott - "Letter to her Mother"

Have a wonderful day and thank you for your kind words.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Eve's Peril

9 X 13 watercolor paper, magazine image transfer,
Golden Fluid acrylics, paint pens, assorted collage fodder

In every good piece of fiction you will find conflict, the antagonist, the protagonist, a beginning, a middle and the end, oh... and let's not forget conflict.

This is my "Flash Fiction Collage".

"Don't stand in the place of danger, trusting in miracles"

Thank you for you visits and kind words.
I'm grateful for this community of wonderful talented people.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

2 Things Photo Challenge - Rough/Smooth

Bryce Canyon National Park located in Southern Utah

South Rim of the Grand Canyon, in Northern Arizona

My contribution to 2thingsphotochallenge.

These photos were taken on a road trip we took last year through Arizona and Utah specifically to visit Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, South Rim Grand Canyon and Sedona.

While both terra's are vast and expansive, the buttes of the Grand Canyon, lush with lichen and rising from the Colorado river seem smooth. In comparison to the rough terra at Bryce Canyon, where the landscape is vast with rugged spires and pinnacles that rise from the deep canyonlands.

Have a wonderful week!

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