Sunday, November 02, 2008

2Things Challenge- Textures/Shapes

For this week's 2thingschallenge-Textures/Shapes, I defer to
some landscape images I took on my trip last month.

If you look closely you'll find that our landscapes are much
like quilts with many textures and shapes.

White billowy clouds, with ever-changing shapes we imagine
to feel like cotton. Golden hills shape the land, mounds of
earth covered with rocks and vegetation each in its own
shape. This glassine-like body of water in its organic shape
surrounded by spindly triangular shaped evergreens
and tall slender grasses. Do you see what I see?
Click image to enlarge.

Flathead Lake in Polson, Montana

In this next image you can see that the water's texture has
changed as it is pushed through the narrow gorge. It
becomes thick and opaque as it churns and foams, unlike the
tranquil glassine water of the lake. Each rock or boulder's
shape is constantly evolving, by wear and water erosion, as
rock and water exchange places. Click image to enlarge.

Columbia River Gorge- Oregon

You can see the many different shapes in this pool of
colorful rocks. This image was taken at the water's edge
looking into the lake. Under water their texture is slick
and smooth, once removed and left to dry they are
rougher. Click on image to enlarge.

Lake McDonald -Glacier National Park, Montana

What I know for sure is when you don't look, you can't see.

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