Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shore Memories

9 x 12 mixed media

This mixed media piece began with a few fish image
transfers randomly placed and adhered with gel medium
onto a plexiglass sheet. I then painted over these images
working in the reverse, on the backside of the plexiglass
laying down an array of transparent color. The front of
this piece looked like stained glass. I took a photo of the
plexiglass mixed media painting and incorporated a vintage
photo of two bathers. Using PS craquelure filter, and
adjusting the opacity of the images I created this digital
piece from my original artwork.

I was thinking of the sea and the shore and for some reason
those stretchy bathing caps we had to wear. Mine had flowers.
There was something about the struggle to jam
my long hair into this small tough rubbery cap and wrangle
the chin strap across my neck as though I were going to swim
the English channel. The rubber had a smell, a good rubbery
smell if there were ever such a thing. I can remember it and
I felt fancy in my one-piece seersucker suit. I was 5.

Summer is waning and fall waits in the balance.

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