Friday, August 29, 2008

Found Object Bling

Dabbling with bits 'n pieces of chain, buttons, charms and
baubles. I'm just scratching the surface with this jewelry
assemblage stuff and have lots of ideas mulling around my
head and quite a number of pieces started and strewn about
my studio. No expert here, just having fun and enjoying the

This past weekend was busy with 3 day PMC certification
class at The Shepardess with a wonderful mentor/teacher
Barbara Becker-Simon.

Life's been busy and hectic and the 8-5 has somewhat
morphed into what seems like a never-ending day.

The good news is my husband and I are off for the next
2 weeks and will be traveling the great Northwest, away
from email, cellphones, computers the craziness of the
everyday doldrums.

I've been amiss at visiting most of you my dear blog
friends and am pummeling myself daily. I do want to thank
you all for your visits and most wonderful kind words.

Jack Kerouac once said, "All of life is a foreign country "
I'm off to be an explorer in this uncharted territory.

My best to all of you! "ThE ArTfuL EyE"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 Things Photo Challenge - Window/Shop

For this weeks' challenge over at 2things it's
Window/Shop. I had to dredge the archives.

From the living rooms of Hearst Castle located in
San Simeon, CA. So many notables in the day of
William Randolph Hearst including Mr. Hearst himself
have peered from these windows, gazing into the glorious
golden hills of San Simeon.

and from the libraries into the courtyards reminiscent
of the ancient Greeks and Romans adorned with beautiful
sculptures and lush landscapes.

A table with a window view at Bayside Betty's in
Provincetown. Great hospitality and wonderful seafood.

I couldn't resist this photo. "John's Only"
Food and Chachkes (aka knickknacks, souvenirs, stuff)
and when you can't find Burger King there is always
Burger Queen.

No cheap burgers here. I took this pic early morning
we rode our bikes here and stopped for lunch the
place was packed.

The craziest head shop I've ever seen. Three floors and all
the paraphenalia you can dream of, black light posters from
the '60s, clothing, jewelry, incense, pipes you know what
I'm talking about.

Thought for today:
"Wherever you decide to go, go with all your heart"

My best to all! My other blogspot "tHe ArTfuL Eye"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

2Things Challenge - Over/Under

For this weeks "2Things" Over/Under challenge.
It's a visit to California Adventure Park.

The "Sun Wheel" has gondolas that remain static as the wheel
goes 'round and 'round and then for the more adventuresome
there are those gondolas that break free to swing and drop
as the wheel goes up and over.

under the ferris wheel waiting for the {shaking} car

here we go up....

and over....

A replica of the Golden Gate bridge looms over my head..

and while living "A Bug's Life" I found myself under large
over-sized plants.

"That's all Folks! Have a great day!

I am grateful for your visits and kind word. Thanks for stopping by.

At my other blog locale, a new polymer piece: ThE ArTfuL EyE"