Friday, August 29, 2008

Found Object Bling

Dabbling with bits 'n pieces of chain, buttons, charms and
baubles. I'm just scratching the surface with this jewelry
assemblage stuff and have lots of ideas mulling around my
head and quite a number of pieces started and strewn about
my studio. No expert here, just having fun and enjoying the

This past weekend was busy with 3 day PMC certification
class at The Shepardess with a wonderful mentor/teacher
Barbara Becker-Simon.

Life's been busy and hectic and the 8-5 has somewhat
morphed into what seems like a never-ending day.

The good news is my husband and I are off for the next
2 weeks and will be traveling the great Northwest, away
from email, cellphones, computers the craziness of the
everyday doldrums.

I've been amiss at visiting most of you my dear blog
friends and am pummeling myself daily. I do want to thank
you all for your visits and most wonderful kind words.

Jack Kerouac once said, "All of life is a foreign country "
I'm off to be an explorer in this uncharted territory.

My best to all of you! "ThE ArTfuL EyE"


Irene said...

Have a wonderful time int eh Northwest, it is beautiful, as you well know. Ciao...

Artists With Artitude said...

Run! Fly!! Soar!!!!

And nxt time, come visit me!!! :)

K Hutchinson said...

This necklace is just gorgeous! I love it! Have a wonderful time on your vacation!

Corinne said...

I love the necklace! Have a great vacation!

Cory said...

Beautiful necklace...hope you had a great summer

Anonymous said...


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Something for you...You will have to collect it from my blog post for october 6th.

Cory said...

Beautiful necklace and what a great form to display it on.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kudos.