Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Eve's Peril

9 X 13 watercolor paper, magazine image transfer,
Golden Fluid acrylics, paint pens, assorted collage fodder

In every good piece of fiction you will find conflict, the antagonist, the protagonist, a beginning, a middle and the end, oh... and let's not forget conflict.

This is my "Flash Fiction Collage".

"Don't stand in the place of danger, trusting in miracles"

Thank you for you visits and kind words.
I'm grateful for this community of wonderful talented people.

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K Hutchinson said...

WOW this is gorgeous! I message I really needed to hear today too! Your art is always so inspiring and stunning!

Irene said...

I always seem to stand in the place of danger expecting miracles, oh no, that was in my other life, I forgot. In this life I try to get the hell out of the way. It is following me, or am I getting paranoid?

Great collage from a great mind! Great minds think alike, no pun intended.

Have a great day, big hug!

John M. Mora said...

Holy peach cobbler, Hammergirl. Pow!!!Zap!!!Boom!!!!

Put the putty in the kennel and introduce the doll to Bob's Big Boy.

Wonderful image and advice.

We spend so much of our lives worrying about things that will not happen.

Thanks for all of the inspiration.

Unknown said...

i always liked peanut butter on apples. make it chunky please. a wonderful collage and great message, one i have struggled with from time to time. i seem to forget that just ending the struggle ...just stop...is such a relief..
~sue okieffe

Anonymous said...

paul mccartney liked to dress up like that doll. did it right before we played shea. we stopped touring. peace. wingo

Artists With Artitude said...

The boy looks as if he is literally jumping off the page!

You know what I like abt visiting your blogs? I am always surprised by your themes and your varied styles. What a breadth of creativity!!