Saturday, November 17, 2007


3X3 pre-gesso'd canvas, layers of transparent Golden Fluid Acrylics , wiped on, then off. Clear transparency of text applied with gel medium and a black and white image of schoolyard hula'ing cropped with postage stamp Fiskar scissors.

It's play time, do you remember "Hula Hoops"? Have you tried to Hula Hoop in your adult life? Well if you're like me you've put on a few pounds since you were 5 yrs. of age and the circumference of the hoop is a lot closer to your waist and there's not a whole lotta room to get this thing going. Check out the beginnings of Hula Hoop. Now I was thinking, why don't they make these things so we adults can get back into Hula Hooping and by golly, I got into a Hoopnotic trance here. There is hoop. (hope)

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Julie Prichard said...

You're every woman!! LOL Two fantastic blogs!!! This is a great canvas!