Saturday, June 28, 2008

2 Things Photo Challenge - Round/Square

This week's challenge at 2things-"Round/Square"

Since I'm a collecter of old cameras and projectors
among many other know we artists are
collectors, right?! I'll begin by presenting some
that I've owned or currently own to show
off their lovely round/square attributes.

very old oil lamp projector

Agfa Isolette 120

4 x 5 Viotlander

Yashica -A

Kodak Anastigmat Compur folding camera

Let the games begin...

old dice, new dice, fun dice, letter dice, tiddly winks
and dominoes.

Photo taken this morning in full sun. I wanted
to cast some rounding shadows and look it made cubes
out of the dominoes.

and lastly a round/square digital collage using some
aquarium and landscape images.

I do hope your day will be solidly square and rounded off with
many good things. As always, thank you for your visits
and kind words.

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K Hutchinson said...

WOW what a great collection of camera's you have! You take the most gorgeous photos!

John M. Mora said...

Your range of interests always astound me - singular before that becvame a phoen brand and rujined yet another great word.

Great cameras and a shady picture to die for. The die is have crossed the Blog.icon.

My best....

John M. Mora said...

if I could spel I would have been richer, crup.

Bev said...

Those dice! Love the way you have made square things round almost in the manner of a magic trick or a riddle Q:'What is square but is also round'A: 'A dice in the sun' LOL

Also love the concertina of squares in the cameras.

Unknown said...

what i love about visiting your blog is i most always leave with a smile on my face

like today.

~soo :-D

Janet Kincaid said...

Wow! What a neat collection of cameras! The only other cameras I own are a couple of newer film POS types and a Pentax K-1000, which I've never used. I bought it about 10 years ago with the intention of learning photography the real, undigitized way. Alas.

Love, love, love your pictures of dominoes and dice! Very creative. And how cool is it that the sun turned these into cubes!

As for your collages, I love those and this one is no exception. Is that a chameleon?

Rob said...

Oil lamp projector? Cool! Never knew abot these. Cameras work so well for this challenge and you have a very nice collection.
I like the Viotlander camera. Love the colors of the dice and the shadows they cast.

Anonymous said...

If you have time go to Madera Canyon in mountains south of Tucson and see hummers....sjhpuld be coolewr there - stop at motel.


Linda M. Cain said...

Terrific cameras. I have one I had to have from a shop close by. Don't know why or even what it is, I just liked it.
Linda Cain