Saturday, June 14, 2008


For this week's challenge at 2Things Fireplug/Flagpole
I take you to Cape Cod, MA.

I found a bit of humor in this one because I realized that
I had some affinity for these objects. I didn't have just one
but several images of poles and plugs.

Commercial St. - Provincetown, MA

Shankpainter St. Provincetown, MA
A bit worn, but not as short and stubby. I liked how the
Alyssum hugged the base.

Commercial St. -Provincetown, MA
This was Provincetown's first firehouse. Notice the traditional
1/2 cape architecture. Only ghosts live here alongside
that sparkly red and white hydrant.

Firehouse #5 Commercial St.- Provincetown
This firehouse is still in business. I took this pic because the
street has my father's name and coincidently the street
diagonal was Mary St. which is my mother's name.

Hyannisport, MA
JFK Memorial Park

Hyannisport, MA Cape and Islands Korean War Memorial

St. Andrew's by the Sea- church of the Kennedy's
Hyannisport, MA
I don't believe I have ever seen a flagpole on top of a church.

Edgartown, MA
Quaint, quiet Victorian streets adorned
with flagpoles at every residence.

Edgartown, MA boat harbor for Chappaquiddick Ferry

"Fancy a flagpole, a fireplug or two, have a cheery day
my friends and I thank-you.

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K Hutchinson said...

Gorgeous Photos! I love the onces with the flags the best! Some how I have always found the USA Flag just a glorious thing. Happy Flag day my friend!

Bev said...

LOL I like your jaunty fireplug/pole salutation at the end.

Love looking at the photos, and the clever fireplug/pole in one photo. It all looks like places I have just seen in the films. The Victorian Street is very pretty.

I have come to have a look at other people's entries first because I must admit that I find this challenge nigh on impossible. For a start the nearest fireplug to me is about a thousand miles away.LOL

Susan Tuttle said...

Gorgeous photos of New England! Wonderful eye you have!


lebanesa said...

wow - these are great photos, challenge apart. I agree with Bev, I was walking around the city yesterday and suddenly realised what a fireplug was and that of course we don't have them in England.
We only see them at the cinema! LOL

John M. Mora said...

no fireplugs. No wonder brit poochies are so neurotic....Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Benjie - all the cinema poooch stars are american.

that is whether caused by dog talent or bad cinematic taste on our side of the pond.

all my straying aside, lovely sewt of pickls the one of the opld firehouse is just my idea of glorious and the stree name coincidence is eerie and nice.

martha's vineyard would be paradise if their had been a water closet in any store (i've seen fire and i've seen rain).....i have gone here before and should not do so again in your lovely blog.

thanks for thy visits - keep pluggin' away.

John M. Mora said...

spell check, my kingdom for a spell check....

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Trust John to think of dogs! Such a typical male. ; )
I love the photo of the old fire station with it's peeling red paint doors and the bicylce parked to the side. Wonderful photo! We have fire hydrants not fire plugs here. Nice coincidence with the names too.
I also like your comoposition on the victorian streets/flag pole photo. Wonderful how you captured so much of the streets pretty characteristics and incorporated the bold flag.
Fab shot!

Thanks for your well wishes, will be under 24 hours from now:( Just a little nervous!

Janet Kincaid said...

I love your fireplug pictures! There's nary a red plug to be found in this city, but that's how I always think of them. I especially like the third one with the rusticated building.

And your flag pictures are fabulous! Did you know you'd taken so many pictures with flags in them while you on Martha's Vineyard, Hyannisport, and the Cape? My favorite is the flag over the firehouse. Seems about as American as Mom and apple pie, doesn't it?

I love it when you participate in 2 Things Challenge! Thank you.

Rob said...

Excellent photos for this wek's challenge. I too find the fireplugs and the space they are in interesting and worthy a photo.

I shot a movie clip of a flags on a flagpole. Unfortunately, I was out of town until late last night, I missed the deadline for this week's challenge.

Maya said...

Oh, those fire hydrant shots are wonderful. So full of character!

The Sparrow's Heart said...

What great photos! I loved the Victorian ones. And the ghostly firehouse long abandoned..Left only to the ghosts.
Loved that...
Thank you for the wonderful comments you left me today. You really make my days better.
Sending you love, Nita

Muriel said...

Love your photos

Ladyhihi said...

wow - these are great photos, challenge apart. I agree with Bev, I was walking around the city yesterday and suddenly realised what a fireplug was and that of course we don't have them in England.

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