Saturday, June 07, 2008


This week's challenge over at 2Things is Symmetrical/Abstract.

Abstract "Sitting by the Window" 11 x 17 acrylic on manila folder

I usually bring a small bag of goodies (fluid acrylics, glaze,
collage material)to work each day so that I can feed my
creative muse on my lunch break. One day I found myself
without my journal or any strong substrate to paint on so
I reached for some manila folders. I really like how the paint
and glaze reacted with this paper.

I don't usually paint abstracts but when I do, the enjoyment
comes from gazing at the image, spinning it around, and
seeing if something emerges. I'm seeing a seated female figure
in the right hand corner, poised, gazing out a bedroom window?

Abstract "Waterfall" 11 x 17
acrylic on manila folder

A waterfall spray, over a cliff beyond a brown rugged boulder
submerged in a pool of turquoise/green water... or a man
with a hat, fishing from several poles while seated upon this
boulder in a lake. Can you see what I see? or am I just crazy.
I'm okay with crazy by the way.

My intention now is to use these backgrounds for another
project in the works. More on that to come.

Symmetrical "Sunrise, Sunset"
8.5 x 11 heavy cardstock, stencil, mask, spray paint

During my stencil burning frenzy, I used one of my
Stampscapes rubber stamps, enlarged the image and
then burned a stencil into mylar, which in turn presented me
with a mask (positive image). I took both mask and stencil
outside and then proceeded to spray test the several colors
of Montana Gold I had recently purchased.

Something to think about:
"Many would rather be ruined by praise, than saved by criticism."

May your days be filled with mystery and wonderful surprises!
Thank you always for your visits and kind words.
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Mauricio said...

Good morning :o)

Rob said...

I must say I do enjoy your abstract paintings. I only wish I were that creative with paints. There is a lot of symmetry in the colors of your abstract designs.

I am in awe by those who can create by poainting. I can paint, but I can't create.

I like your line, "Many would rather be ruined by praise, than saved by criticism."
May I use this line?

Bev said...

Yay! Clever, creative lady. I am reminded of you seeing flowers and a wall in an abstract design of John's. I always take note of your comments because they are always worth reading.

John M. Mora said...

an.dna.drea palette - great colors that soothe de spirit. tre.buneos to be

John M. Mora said...

buenos - cannot spell even in my native.tongue

K Hutchinson said...

WOW this is just gorgeous! I love painting on vanilla paper- I got a huge packets at hobby lobby!

Nora said...

I usually try not to see an image in an abstract painting when I see one, unless it is specifically hinted at. I am usually just happy if the colors and shapes are in balance and if they evoke an emotion in me. I don't like to get stuck on one area of the painting, but sort of let my eyes wander over it to keep rediscovering it and then step away from it and try to see it as a whole. I think abstract artists should just number their paintings and leave the rest up to the imagination of the public. Or maybe name them, but then not tell a story about them, unless specifically asked for. You know how you have those works of art that need a whole explanation in order for you to get it? I dislike those.

Boy, I am full of opinions today, aren't I? Anyway, art needs to emote, that's what I mean. I need to feel something when I look at it.

By the way, that sun is very clever, how you did that. It is amazing how many techniques you command! You could create a whole book with art just using all sorts of techniques.

Maya said...

I like all of these. Your use of color is fantastic!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Amazing, I love the vibrancy of these pieces. If you squint when you look at them it's possible to see a bird (ofcourse!) sitting back to back with your lady. Maybe her alter ego, or dream self? To fly and be free.
Love that you take a bag of goodies with you to work! Go you!

Cory said...

Cory again...The colors of the abstract are fun, I saw a woman, a man, felt the feeling of wind and movement. Can't explain, so I would like to send you something. One problem, can't find an email address. Please write me at artwithmoxie(at)cox(dot)net.

Ladyhihi said...

WOW this is just gorgeous! I love painting on vanilla paper- I got a huge packets at hobby lobby!

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