Friday, February 06, 2009

A Different Point of View

11 x 14 canvas board, acrylics, molding paste
collage fodder

"Everything happens for a reason it's just a matter
of moving your point of view around until you see it"

You can see the beginning workings of this canvas
in my previous post.

Today I'm thinking about "Karma" a Sanskrit word
which means "action."

Karma is neither judge nor jury it is simply the
universal law of cause and effect that says every
thought, word and act carries energy into the world
and affects our present reality.

Karma can also refer to the "work" we have ahead of us,
which includes lessons from both our past and present
lives. Part of our life's work is to understand our
individual relationship to our universe, our
connectivity to each other.

Based on the principle that individual behavior
mirrors universal patterns, the tiniest act -- a thought,
for example -- can have enormous impact.

The energy our thoughts and actions produce can cover
the entire planet, or even beyond, in the blink of an eye.

Buddha has said: "Do not overlook negative actions
merely because they are small; however small a spark
may be, it can burn down a haystack as big as a mountain."

Similarly he said: "Do not overlook tiny good actions,
thinking they are of no benefit; even tiny drops of water
in the end will fill a huge vessel."

Karma does not decay like external things, or ever
become inoperative.

It cannot be destroyed "by time, fire, or water."
Its power will never disappear, until it is ripened.

--Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Today, be mindful of your karma. Remember... "what goes
around, comes around."

I am grateful for your visit and kind words.

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Debi said...

Wow. First wow for the collage which is stunning. I love those artists, like yourself, who can collage intersecting precision and abandon at the same time.

Second, wow for the definition and quote on Karma, which of course I never really knew. Isn't it interesting how all the great prophets, throughout time, have all emphasized how important our thoughts are? I think of the violence of our time and wonder if it is a manifestation of so many thoughts, through the collective subconscious or something. There was a prayer experiment in Washington DC some time ago, to see if continuous (24/7) prayer by as many people as possible could make a difference in crime for a single month. Apparently it did!

I love this collage and am glad you are back with your good Karma.

Anonymous said...

HOLEY BUCKETS this piece is amazing! I love the colors, textures and everything about it! I believe in Karma with my whole heart!

Irene said...

It's a wonderful collage and one I wish I could make myself. You are light years ahead of me in technique and talent. I learn from watching you make things and get braver. Some day I'll get really satisfied with what I do, just like you.

John M. Mora said...

" a boom-e-rang, that karma whacked me. Next time, don't go to Cuba."

freddy corleone

Unknown said...

collage is still such a mystery and i have great respect for those who do it well like you do...i don't know what to say about the image...wondering who the woman is...but i was grinning big while absorbing the energy of the piece...

Janet Kincaid said...

I love this. What a beautiful collage. I especially love the quote. It's so apropos to so much in my life right now.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Wow, awesome quote and art. I love how you have merged the face and made a feature of it at the same time!

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing because my first second and third reactions were wow, wow, and double wow.
'Ditto' to the above.
A treat, and a double treat.
So many of the things you wrote are things I have been interested in lately, and there you put them all in a row. I will come back here to study.
Thank you and may good karma bless you!!!

John M. Mora said...

The image reminds me somehow of Brazil and the sixties and the bosa nova.

It is jazzy and bright and defies gravity.

Beautiful and very prudenc.y


Seth said...

Stunning piece, great quote and quite the thought provoking post. Thanks too for the comment on my blog. And it is not too late to join the disintegration project if you still would like to!

Artists With Artitude said...

Very instructive...

Do you remember the slogan: "my karma ran over your dogma?" tee hee

Have a great weekend!!