Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dos Picos Park and Vintage Cars

Dos Picos Park is a lovely park, campground
and picnic area located just 7 miles west of our
home. Last weekend they held their annual
vintage car show. I love vintage cars and my
husband loves to restore them.

What intrigues me most when taking photos
of these oldies but goodies are the details.

This is what I saw.

Not sure how I got double image of myself
in this grille. I like seeing the clouds and landscape.

Another self-portrait.

I saw a couple hugging in the center of this

You can see my reflection in the fender as I took
this photo.

Another self-portrait and beautiful day
in the country captured on the trunk
of this beautiful car.

The way I see it, there is always more to what
we initially see, if we open our eyes wider,
look deeper, and linger more intently.

My best to all of you and thank you for
stopping by! Happy Summer!

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Anonymous said...

You know I would much rather have a vintage car then a brand new one! Love the reflections in the cars! Awesome photos!

John M. Mora said...

grabbed the landscape....looks like a beautiful day....just as you miss ny i miss ca...i can just see the birds in them trees...

fordomatic...a clutch free life in suburbia.

shayndel said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Nice to see you again.

The self-portrait in the car is amazing. Really looks like someone could have painted it on the car, or like the whole thing is a Magritte-inspired painting. Wonderful statement as you said on 'seeing'.

is that you?! One COOL post.
happy summer to you!