Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Green is My Valley?

9 X 13 journal
hand carved rubber stamps
collage fodder

For awhile now green has been the color of my soul. I began thinking about the color green and what did it mean to me.

What did the color green feel like?
It feels waxy, stiff, and full like a short stubby echeveria, and sometimes it's prickly like a teddy bear cholla or nopales cactus, or it can be as soft as the leaf of a wooly lambs ear.

What did the color green sound like?
It sounds like the trees quaking in the wind, it sounds like aluminum cans being crushed for recycle. It's sometimes silent.

What did the color green smell like?
It smells like Christmas, pine, fresh cut grass, life

What did the color green remind me of?
It reminds me of trees, leaves, thin blades of grass, a lime, Kermit, money, a Praying Mantis, Lisa's Chrysalis,

What does the color green taste like?
Like a wheat grass smoothie, a mountain dew, a granny smith apple, jiggly lime jello.

Do you have a favorite color? What does it do for you?

"I've never seen a guy so green, have the blues so bad"
- Fozzie Bear about Kermit

Have a wonderful day!

Thank-you for your visits and kind words, "ThE ArTfuL EyE"


Anonymous said...

sigh....perfect paint, perfect carvings...perfect composition...the Muppets... LOVE this post! =)

John M. Mora said...

Your deep rich colors are a godsend. Very solid and "you" - I really like it and "it is not easy being green."

Had a horrible day - glad it is Friday evening.

K Hutchinson said...

Jaw on ground.....gorgeous painting....awesome craving! I love this page! My color is ORANGE- but I am really liking aqua and yellow these days too! Sam's favorite color is green and he loves insects :)

Happy Weekend!

Artists With Artitude said...

Greenspan! You've got it1

Green has been one of the hardest colors for me to work with. The darker the hue, the panickier I get.. I can never get it right. What's the secret?

Irene said...

Great artwork! Very well done! Struck awesomely!

Green used to be my favorite color for much of the same reasons you mention and it was indeed the color of my soul.

Now the color of my soul is red, because of its passion. Even when I am down, I am a deep dark red.

I also like yellow and therefor orange and you will find these colors in my clothes. All on the basis of black and gray.

If I permanently had to be a color, I suppose I would forever want to be yellow and burn brightly like the sun.

Unknown said...

yellow is the color of my soul...bright, shiny, happy, inspirational, sunny, inviting....but i have other colors im drawn to and green is one of them (along with burgundy, purple, turquoise)...this is a lovely must have fun creating the cover.
~sue okieffe