Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Walk Out Back

9" X 13' mixed media collage

"Floating Bridges"

Oh what a crush of People
Invisible, reborn
Make their way to into this garden
For their eternal rest

Every step we take on earth
Brings us to a new world
Every foot supported
On a floating bridge

I know there is no straight road
No straight road in this world
Only a giant labyrinth
Of intersecting crossroads

And steadily our feet
Keep walking and creating
Like enormous fans
These roads in embryo

Oh garden of white
Oh garden of all I am not
All I could
And should have been

I know there is no straight road
No straight road in this world
Only a giant labyrinth
Of intersecting crossroads

Comprendo que no existe
El camino derecho
Solo un gran labertino
De encrucijadas multiples

~ Federico García Lorca

Another journal page in The Book of Eve, I must
be on a sabbatical and don't realize it.

Enjoying my days, working on projects and
exploring new ideas.

My best to all of you and as always, gratitude for
your kind words and visits.

Andrea~ "ThE ArTfuL EyE"


Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous page!I love the colors and textures! The owl is precious!

Carlton Mackey said...

true...i did stumble here...but I got here just the same...and I'm glad I did.

Debi said...

I love the title of your journal, "The Book of Eve." Eve is such a powerful name. It suits you.

I searched your blog for other entries to your Eve journal. I see the Federico García Lorca poem is an important theme. No straight roads in this world. Lovely. And a good reminder.

Anonymous said...

A very nice image - has an adult sangira feeling about it, yet also children's book grace. For the long poen I read Debi's wonderful Cliff Notes, above.

Even fewer staright roads in alps.


Corinne said...

I absolutely love your collage and love that it's in Spanish. I was so happy to read your post and this poem, as this is how I've been feeling lately.
P.S.: I teach knitting in Solana Beach School District. I would love to teach you to knit. It would be such a wonderful craft for you to be creative and do free form knitting....I love that. Also, go to, it was such a help for me when I first learned to knit.

Anonymous said...

I can get lost in the playful circles.
Light and possibility are what I feel from the words and image.
Great things to be reminded of.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm a bit behind here I see...

Love the autumny colours and your playful circles. I 'looks' like a happy collage!
Thanks for your visits:)

Anonymous said...

Owl be waiting for ya...

I need to click on all the images for the Book of Eve.

On a train, facing forward going east. Under a river called "East"

Suddenly daylight...

Why are so many people wearing green today?