Thursday, June 05, 2003

"Now We Are Cooking on Gas" Originally uploaded by Sifter

Cooking with Gas

A funny little phrase a good friend of mine recently tossed at me. I take it to mean something like, "Now we're moving" we've got fire beneath us. I felt like I made some headway today. I managed to get another resume out and am making strides in my job search. The gas does need to get turned up though. I could be doing so much more and have lacked the ambition to do so. Not sure what I'm afraid of, maybe the dark? The dark world of callbacks, rejection, tough interviews. Heck, this is old hat stuff for me. I need to get going and put together the ammunition to send up the flares. I know I have what it takes and then some. There I go letting my vulnerability show through that tough skin.

Nothing wrong with being vulnerable. It builds character, one character at a time.

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