Wednesday, June 25, 2003

In Other Words

Isn't is funny how we all have a way with words. Y'all have a way with words. Y'ouse guys have a way with words. When I first moved to the midwest from the Big Apple I was at times at a loss when I wasn't able to communicate with my fellow mates. I had asked someone in a local store where the soda was and they pointed me to club soda and said they have "pop" also. I thought for a moment. Pop? What on earth is pop! I then asked for a bag and they told me we only have "sacks". Beginning to get perplexed by the strange vernacular I became more curious. I was invited out for some sporting event and was told I could where my tennis shoes. I thought for a moment then explained that I didn't own a pair of tennis shoes but I did have a pair of sneakers. It made me laugh cuz I tried to think of the sport one might do with a pair of sneakers. You could be a super sneaker, sport sneaker, jr. olympic sneaker. Recently a friend and I were having a conversation many years later I mind you and we are in Costco. I said I'd go get the wagon and she chuckled and replied, "you mean "cart" right? No wagon, I replied and laughed again. In another conversation we were talking about registration renewal and tags were permits and plates were tags. Just the other day I asked for a regular cup of coffee and the clerk responded with, "Fresh Drip" okay?

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