Monday, June 23, 2003

Insightful Linquist

I just learned by taking a simple IQ test I have the natural fluency of a writer and visual spatial strengths of an artist. Hmmm... I have always thought of myself as a creative writer and definitely an artist. I might be struggling at these two parts these days but I know that soon it will all make sense. My IQ 126. What is that supposed to mean? Average folk between 70-130. So I'm average? I'll need to do some research on this Intelligence Quotient stuff so that I'm better informed about my intellectual status.

I had my first call for an interview the other day and I was sooooo excited to actually feel like I might have a chance at the working world. The interview lasted a little bit over an hour and I really felt like it went well or perhaps I was delusional. I got home really expecting that I'd hear from the employment agency that sent me out to the jungle and nothing. The phone rang for the next two days every hour on the hour only to drive me to insanity as I waited for the one call, the one answer to my prayer that I actually qualified myself to someone. No luck. Then of course you go through all the justifications with WHY they may not have called and try to make sense of it all. Oh woe is me!

It's a new week. I'm on a different mission, as a matter of fact many missions. I'm feeling pretty focused and setting my trail ablaze reading a couple of good books along the way. If you're interested Seabiscuit by Laura Hillebrand and Running in Heels by Anna Maxted.

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