Tuesday, December 04, 2007


4x4 canvas board collage, text transparency
torn copy of vintage postcard- Santa Barbara, CA Hwy 101
Golden Fluid Acrylics, gel medium

There was something about today that was magical.
Perhaps it was "a day of freedom from labor". I took the day off
and decided to work on finishing some journal pages,
a little bit of sewing and a stroll by some local antique stores to see what I could rummage.

Items found:
-vintage Atlas jar of old buttons, more vintage handpicked buttons.
-old vintage glass sign- "small deposit needed to hold items"
- a handful of beautiful vintage cabinet photos
- a framed vintage hand cross-stitched saying,
"Let me have a little space where maybe I can come and go"
- small vintage wood sign,
"There is always, always, always something to be thankful for"
- a cast iron weathervane
- small cream white cast iron birds nest with blue robins eggs
-2 extremely large childrens board books for altering 24 X 36

It was a glorious day bathed in sunshine and well needed.
Hope your day went well and thanks for stopping by.
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Julie Prichard said...

Great finds indeed!

John M. Mora said...


Joy Logan said...

Love the idea of that cross stitch ...so I can come and go...hmm is it old and if so did women always think that way? LOL. Fascinating if it is old!