Monday, December 31, 2007

So Long, Farewell 2007

I took this picture on the hiking trail to Cedar Creek Falls in Ramona, CA a stones throw from my backyard. It reminded me of "The Sound of Music". It's not Salzburg, but it is another beautiful place on this earth.

I just love "The Sound of Music" by Robert Wise and the music of Rodgers and Hammerstein and it just so happened it was on last night... so my husband and I sat and watched it. I'm not sure how many times I have seen this movie but when Julie Andrews floats over those hills in Salzburg, Austria and belts out the title song I get goosebumps and tears come to my eyes. There is magic in this music and it lifts my spirit and how can we forget one of our fellow artists "Angela Cartwright" who played Brigitta von Trapp, such a talented woman.

So Long, Farewell 2007 ... so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

To all my old friends, new friends and to those I have yet to meet.
Be gentle with yourselves and remember to stay with PEACE in the coming year. This is a great big beautiful planet from afar but when we zoom in, we see we have work to do!

Thank you for your kind words on my blogs "The Artful Eye" and "The Way I See It" and I look forward to your visits in the future.

Let's make some GREAT ART in 2008!!


Mary Ann said...

happy new year! what a GORGEOUS spot on the planet earth that cedar creek falls trail is...whew. thanks for sharing that. you captured it beautifully.

Corinne said...

That picture is absolutely gorgeous. My friend and I plan on going hiking up that way soon. Mark's horse is out in Ramona. Now that I've seen that picture, I can't wait to go. Thanks for sharing.

John M. Mora said...

My wife and I also watched Sound of Music that night on network TV after Christmas and it was quite moving for us. It was her mom's favorite movie.

We are buying it from Amazon soon - double dvd anniversary edition.

I grew up in California and miss it.