Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Early days at the MOMA

I present to you one of my journal covers.
Mixed media, vintage photo - 11 X14

"Everyday lived well makes yesterday a fond remembrance,
and every tomorrow a dream of hope"

There are many layers of paper, tissue, Golden acrylics, punched/stamped images stuck on this page. Here my sister Linda and I are visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the year 1962.

Growing up in New York with two artists for parents brought us to the museums on a regular basis. By the looks of things, sis appears distracted. Dad's behind the camera.

Have I mentioned my loving husband bought me a Paragon Kiln? with a bead door for annealing beads. I've got so much learning to do. It's back to work tomorrow...aarrgghh...after 10 glorious days off.

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Anonymous said...

A kiln?! YAHOOOO!!!!

JudyK said...

I always wished I could sing and I dance when do one is looking.

This is a comfortable place to visit.

Judy K

John M. Mora said...

Funny, I grew up in Northern California and now live in NY (Long Island) and work half a block from MOMA.

I linked this blog, hope you do not mind.

Heidi said...

Oh lucky you! I want a kiln so bad for PMC and my next adventure is going to be glass bead making - do you make beads?

Can't wait to see whta your gonna fire up in there - do tell when the time comes :)