Saturday, January 26, 2008


My attention deficit disorder kicked in and I found myself in the garage, I came out here to look for something, am easily distracted when I stumbled on a pile of wrapped canvases. Hmmm... wonder what's in here? I had these plastic wrapped bundles, labeled canvases to rework, canvases for framing, canvases for cocktails, so many labels must have been a past episode of obsessive compulsive disorder.
Here's what I found:

21" x 17" acrylic painting from collage

The year was 1971. I was 14 years old and a student at Roy H. Mann Jr. High school in Brooklyn, New York, this was my assignment- A study in tonal grays and blacks. I stretched this odd shaped canvas myself, hence the odd size.

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed collage and especially drawing or painting from them once they were created.

"Snow Days"
15" x 20" acrylic painting from collage c.1975

This is a painting of a collage I had done with magazine images, cut and torn paper. I had moved to Denver, Colorado and was attending George Washington High School. I was 18 years old. I loved to ski, and at the time it was all I could think about.

18"x 24" acrylic painting, heavy molding paste
c. 1983

Another painting from a collage. It was my freshman year at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I was 26 years old. I still have all these collages.

I have since stopped painting from collages.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little time travel and thanks for the visits.

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John M. Mora said...

I see a progression towards a refined personal style. Impressive ladder. I also impressed that you retained yoru work form youth in such archival condition.

Great line about tunnel vision love of skiing....thank you.

NY - Boulder - SD is a good progression.

Irene said...

It's so obvious that very early on you had so much talent. Were there adults in your life who recognized how special this was and stimulated you on your way to become an artist? If my child were to show this much promise, I would move heaven and earth to get her into the best possible academies, but not knowing the American system, maybe you did.

I stand in awe of artistic people, although "artistic" sounds like such a lame word. A lot of people claim to be artistic now, some people really are.

Anyway, I wish you many, many hours and days of creativity and inspiration. I am always curious to see what you are going to show us next.

The Artful Eye said...

Sweet Irene-
I owe it mostly to my parents. You can see my post here However my teachers and peers throughout the years were very encouraging. Thank you.

Paula J Atkinson said...

Very artistic work.
I know a few people who have children with Attention Defficit Disorder I never realised it could carry on into adulthood.Most of them have their kids doped on very powerful drugs as advised by the doctors but it seems cruel to me. Surely more research could come up with something better its like stealing their childhood from them.

Sherry said...

It's wonderful to look back to see where you were at a particular point in life -- and see the growth. Your work was imaginative and colourful (other than the black & grey) -- but even the black & grey had depth.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Ok,not sure how I have missed your blog til now....will be coming to see both blogs regularly!
I love this collage, very well done. You have a true talent! Also loving your boat photos...