Friday, March 07, 2008

The good 'ole Red, White and Blue

Longmont, Colorado 1980

My contribution to this week's 2thingsphotochallenge Red, Blue or Purple.

Imagine... "for purple mountains majesties, above the fruited plains...

Now this pic below was taken of the ceiling at The Greek Palace"
Comedy Club here in San Diego,CA. I should have been paying attention to the comedians because they were quite hilarious, but then I happened to look up and whipped out my camera and the comedian yelled, "Hey, lady ...I'm over here.

Thank you for your kind words, and visits.... Vaya con dios, mis amigos!

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Bev said...

I love the picture of the flag with the sunflowers. Such a positive patriotic picture, and an colourful picture full of joie de vivre by any standards.

Snazzy ceiling. I don't get to see many ceilings like this. We must move in different circles lol

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I like this a lot, the old barn, the sunflowers, the flag, the landscape. What a beautiful scene!

John M. Mora said...

The CO photos are majestic - very very visual and I feel the splendor of this great country.

Magpies must have been nearby.

The comedy club ceiling is a good catch. No magpies there. Maybe a chicken pot pie. Or a brewsky.

I took off word verificaton for you, my warm friend. My best.

Irene said...

We don't sing any such patriotic songs here in the Netherlands, we would be embarrassed to and it is really a shame.

Of course, we don't have any majestic mountains to sing about, just some hills.

Even our National Anthem is not about us, but about William of Orange and kind of awkward to sing and we really need a different one, although it has a good melody.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed going dutch, Irene. Came here looking for artsy chicks into word verification.....ooooooh well.

Someone is going to poach some sunflowers.....

Anonymous said...

totally impressed have photo archives from 1980? Jesus...I need to get over to Ohio pronto.

K Hutchinson said...

WOWZERS these are gorgeous! Dang you all your photos are good!

dianeclancy said...

These are both wonderful entries!! Purple mountains.

What a great story about the comedy club!!

~ Diane Clancy