Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Easter Peeps!

The Just Born company started in 1910

To all my peeps out there, it is here that I will make my confession that "Peeps" those sugary, squishy, marshmallowy, gritty critters are my favorite Easter candy of all time. Note: The chicks came on the scene from 1940's-1950's. Look here if you want a "Peep in Time "

There are only two exceptions to my favorite candy rule on Easter and that is my Grandmother Lucia would always give us a round tin of Droste chocolates along with some Perugina Baci chocolate hazelnut kisses. I'm not sure how my Italian grandmother discovered these Netherland's chocolates but I loved these round disks of goodness that would melt in your mouth and miss receiving them from her.

Well that's all I have to say about candy, because on any other day I'd much prefer a crusty baquette.
Now for some creative Peep art:
I know there are some Project Runway fans out there. Have you seen this video?

Project Peepway

Look here at these crazy wonderful diorama's created for:
Peeps Show II

*You may need to listen to 5 sec. commercial, but it's worth the wait.

Happy Spring! and thanks for stopping by!
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Unknown said...

Andrea, good candy taste must run in the family - Drostes, Peeps and baci are three of my favorites! Peeps are best when stale, don't you think? I rip the package open 2 weeks early for optimal stale-ness.


Unknown said...

maybe stale is the way to go, cuz fresh is just too sweet for me. did you see cbs sunday morning today?

The Artful Eye said...

Sisters think alike! I do open the package and let them harden, also great frozen.

xox A

Sue- No, what did I miss? A Peepfest. I hope it wasn't something bad, like Petm- Prevention and Ethical treatment for marshmallows.

Unknown said...

it was more peep art. you'd a loved the peep all dressed up to look like a pharoah. (i think it was a rerun.) have you ever blown up peeps in a microwave?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

pardon me while im obsessed...delete my other comments if you want:

K Hutchinson said...

For peep sakes that was so creative! I have to say I like peeps if they are a little hard, but those orange creme peep eggs I like fresh!

I would have to say any type of chocolate is good to me! I love hazelnuts in the chocolate too! YUMMY!

Happy Easter!

Rima said...

Happy Easter! Me, I'm mostly about chocolate eggs and white rabbits this time of the year.
What happened to the old header? I don't know when you've changed it, because I've been reading you on Google reader, lazy me. I like them both, even though the sight of the corsets make me hyperventilate (restrictive underwear phobia I think).

Artists With Artitude said...

I am addicted to Project Runway (although I am always disappointed with their ultimate choices).. That was hilarious!

Have you ever tasted the Swiss Cote d'Or chocolates?! mmmmmmmm yum!

Happy Easter to you!

John M. Mora said...

You made it work, I was wowed.

I had two peeps today. Yellow ones. Marie likes them.

We also dyed 19 eggs - eggs salad days....

Gina M Smith said...

Have you seen the new Peeps Cookbook? Genius!

Irene said...

I remember Droste chocolate, of course, from wait back when I was a little girl, preferring the dark chocolate the best and liking the shape of them. I think I have had Peeps, because I seem to remember the taste of them, but I am not sure. I would love to try some now.

I have such a longing for chocolate and sweets now. I must find some! Where oh where do I find them? You sure know how to make a person develop a craving!