Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Here's my contribution to this week's 2thingsphotochallenge. Sun/Shadow

Couldn't decide which to post, so enjoy.

reading our community paper while driving to work (doesn't that sound safe)
actually husband is driving ms. daisy
note headline: Snow Day in Country Estates- that's right we had 3-4 inches of snow

window shopping at a faux Hollywood confectioner's window in
California Adventure Park at Disneyland-Anaheim, Ca

When we stopped to look in this window I couldn't resist this photo collage before my eyes, there were so many reflections and images.
"I'll take one photo collage to go, please."

ground hog saw her shadow in this informational post

glimpse of life in the shadow of the Anza Borrego Desert

a single panel at Vietnam War Memorial- Washington, D.C.

When we visit these memorials we bring the light back, for a moment, we resurrect these souls, from the dark shadows of war.

Let us never forget the men whose lives were lost while fighting for the freedom we enjoy today.

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Anonymous said...

That's it..I need a driver!

K Hutchinson said...

I am missing my driver..te he he! Gorgeous photos..I am missing you and the sunny sunshine so much :cry: They say we could hit 40 degrees today! Yahoo! I will put on my S.D. hoodie and pretend I am there!

Irene said...

For patriotism you can't beat the Vietnam war memorial, but then I guess I would pick the shop window reflection.

Actually, they are all good and it is hard to choose.

You actually had snow in San Diego? How very odd!

Does you driver wear a cap and uniform when he drives you around Miss Daisy?

Don't stop blogging, Andrea, I would miss you too much.

Janet Kincaid said...

Excellent photos, all of them! I can't wait to post their thumbnails on Sunday! Fabulous choices. I especially like the one of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Very well done!

Bev said...

Quite a superlative posting Ms Artful Eye! You have pretty much covered all corners with this one!

I particularly like the one of the mountains - I can't quite believe people actually live near places like these ones. Also the Vietnam War Memorial where your reflection has is reminiscent of keeping the spirits of the fallen alive, a you are metaphorically by visiting the memorial and remembering them.

Artists With Artitude said...

I missed you so!!!! Hopefully, I am back (who knows??)

I love the reflected reflection which give me pause for reflexion. PS: Check out Amy Clampitt's poem "Frame Within Frame" if you can. You might enjoy it :)

See you round the blog, sweetie!

John M. Mora said...

Left a comment but blogville was down and it ate it up....really like the two reflections pics that have two people =- sweet and symbolic. The desert flower is also a powerful image and the ground looks like a distant landscape.

I did see people reading newspapers while commuting (driving) in Texas year sago - near Dallas and it was scary.

Miss Disneyland went here a lot when a kid in August - also much time in Laguna Beach - a plcae I always considered close to paradise.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Window shopping is FANTASTIC!! What a shot, you could enter that in a competition and kick butt.
I also love your photo of the war memorial and the shillouetes cast againts it. Fab entries!

Rob said...

A fun play on the sun. THe Vietnem War memorial is a powerful interpretation.

lebanesa said...

love all those shadows. Hard to choose between them. All with their own resonances.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Is it true that this Monument is standing in New York too? If so I was there once too? I like your creative style of "seeing things" Through your camera, very impressive and inspiring...

JoAnn ( Holland)
Also A passionated photographer

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Thanks for your comment on my ABC wednesday, and for your kind words for the rocovery of my dog IOS1

JoAnn Holland + IOS!